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Biome Makers News / fields4ever

BeCrop® Rate: helping farmers demonstrate sustainability

Global AgTech leader, Biome Makers, launches BeCrop® Rate, a new metric to empower sustainable land. BeCrop® Rate utilizes the power of BeCrop® technology to measure, verify and improve sustainability to lead the change and regenerate farmland soils while gaining buyer preference and trust. BeCrop® …

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Biome Makers joins the WISH-ROOTS Consortium

Biome Makers joins the WISH-ROOTS Consortium to support the research of the WISH-ROOTS project. WISH-ROOTS objectives aim to advance sustainable development goals linked to food security, sustainability, food production, and climate action.

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fields4ever first open call, a complete success

fields4ever future Thanks to the first call of fields4ever, a multitude of projects has been unified to help the recovery of soil health. The startup Biome Makers wants to continue promoting the initiative and get others to join to achieve a significant change on a global scale, therefore, a second …

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fields4ever extends its reach to four continents

Research organizations, scientists, and farmers from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America have already joined this global initiative for the conservation and monitoring of soil health, promoted by Biome Makers. fields4ever is a global initiative for the conservation and monitoring of soil h …

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Biome Makers open BeCrop technology to farmers & researchers

This open call will support around 200 research projects    The first action within fields4ever consists of the monitoring of up to 1M acres (0.4M ha) in the next 18 months, which will result in detailed insight into the soil health status. Specifically, the initiative pursues the following goals:  …

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fields4Ever a global Soil Health initiative

The first actions of fields4ever will focus its reach in the EU region and will include open access to soil health testing tools. Analyzing and protecting soil health has become one of the five key missions included in the incoming European Union research and innovation program (Horizon Europe). In …

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