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Input performance Verification &

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Industry lacks transparency and trust

The Solution: Performance Validation & Science Based Recommendation

Manufacturers can now harness reliable tools and technology to demonstrate product performance, empower recommendations, and differentiate from other products in the market. 

Develop and Sell Your Products

How BeCrop® Can Help

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Evaluate and improve products

Utilize BeCrop® in product development trials to ensure the highest efficiency prior to market distribution.

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Verify product claims

Measure and verify the impact of your product on biodiversity, pathogens, and nutrient pathways with science-based methods, powered by the largest global database of 10M microorganisms.

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Track product performance

Monitor product performance evolution with a series of tests comparing control and treatment blocks over multiple time points and under various conditions.

Equip Your Teams with the Best Tools

Give farmers confidence in your products and differentiate your solutions from the competition.  Equip your commercial teams with a tool that will verify product claims and keep your customers coming back for more.

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  • Make data-driven improvements to products before they go to market.
  • Verify functional claims through a trusted third-party.
  • Monitor product efficiency over time and under different conditions.

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