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The Global Standard for Soil Health

BeCrop® services provide targeted solutions to the pressing challenges in agriculture, from understanding soil needs, to assessing ag input effectiveness and measuring the sustainability of farming management practices.

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Targeted Solutions
for the Agricultural Ecosystem:

Know Before You Grow, with BeCrop®

The Global Standard in Biological Soil Health Analysis

Trusted by 14,800 Farmers in 45+ countries and used in more than 170 crop types worldwide. 



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BeCrop® Test provides key insights on soil nutrient cycling, health, and biodiversity to improve soil functions, increase crop yield and quality, and optimize farming costs. BeCrop® Test connects soil needs to effective inputs and illuminates the path towards regenerating farmland soils. 

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Measure agricultural input performance. BeCrop® Trials demonstrate input effects, providing R&D support as well as expanding distributor networks based on trust and verified performance.

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Verify the sustainability of your farmland parcels annually. BeCrop® Rate utilizes our patented technology and scientific methodology to measure human intervention and empower nature-inclusive landscapes. It presents comparability across different farmlands, independently of crops, farming practices, or geographic location.

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