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BeCrop® Trials

Your Partner in Product Innovation

BeCrop® Trials are designed to demonstrate agriculture input performance, measuring the effects of ag inputs on soil biology, illuminating a path from successful product development all the way to commercialization.

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BeCrop® Trials: The manufacturer’s top development and commercialization tool

Input Performance Validation & Recommendation

BeCrop® Trials enable you to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, differentiating your products, streamlining commercialization backed by reliable, data-driven, scientific methodologies.

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Demonstrate Product Performance

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Obtain Scientific Validation
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Gain a Competitive Edge
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From Product Development

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To Commercialization

How Do BeCrop® Trials Work?

BeCrop® Trials are custom designed to answer the most important questions about your product's effects by providing access to a unique, proprietary bioinformatics pipeline.

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BeCrop Trials assess of the effects of agriculture inputs on the soil microbial functions over time by comparing control blocks with treatment blocks over multiple time points and locations using replicates, in order to eliminate environmental variables and assess input performance.

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Samples are collected from both treatment and control blocks prior to any input application, in order to establish the baseline biological functions of each block.

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Following input applications, samples are collected beginning several weeks, to several months after the application over three additional sampling moments from both treatment and control blocks to map out the differences.

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Statistical Significance

BeCrop Trials are structured to provide insights with statistical power to validate product claims under multiple conditions and eliminate environmental changes. The results can vary from major changes observed, to definite effects. The more replicates, time points, and locations analyzed, the more statistical power and confidence in product effects the results are able to deliver.

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The results provide a highlight of the most notable trends/effects, followed by a comparative analysis of changes in microbiome functions as a direct result of input applications among locations and time points. The report further details the effects of the product on health and pathogen biocontrol, stress adaptation, and macro/micronutrient pathways.

What Do You Get?

Quantifiable Data and Scientific Expertise

Specialist Support

One-on-one guidance about your results and how you can use them.

BeCrop® Trials Report

Understand how your product impacts the soil microbiome functionality, and how long the effects last.

  • Summary of the most notable effects, trends, and major changes observed
  • Evolution of nutrient pathways
  • Changes in hormone production
  • Stress adaptation, disease risk and biocontrol activity changes

BeCrop® Portal

Deepen your insights via BeCrop portal tools for side by side comparisons of indexes across parcels, time points and locations. 

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