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About Biome Makers

Leading the Way to Productive, Precise and Restorative Agriculture

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Passion for sustainability

Biome Makers is a team of experts and passionate individuals of various backgrounds, who have come together to build a more sustainable world. Biome Makers is a growing company of more than 75 employees across the globe, yet preserving the startup mindset of innovation and continuing to bring solutions to tackle global challenges. Founded in California’s Silicon Valley in 2015, Biome Makers is now one of the foremost global AgTech leaders, setting the standard in soil health with BeCrop® technology.

Built on Industry-leading AgTech Expertise and Driven by Science.

Biome Makers integrates soil microbiology into agricultural decision-making to optimize farming practices and reverse the degradation of arable soils. With labs across the globe, customers on 4 continents, and 1M+ acres of land impacted, Biome Makers has revitalized soil functionality and agricultural sustainability worldwide.

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Our mission is to create a more sustainable world through soil recovery.

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Our ultimate vision is to bring ecological balance into modern global food production systems.  

Core Values

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World-renowned scientific expertise combines with an innovative and data-fueled culture.

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Global partnerships to provide open-source, independent and accessible technology.

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Commitment to bringing the most reliable solutions for a regenerative agri-food system.

Our Rockstar Team

Meet our international and multidisciplinary rockstar team


Global team

We are more than 75 team members who share a passion to preserve, restore, and improve soil health and regenerative agriculture to ensure a healthy and happy planet. 



We are a diverse company with a team working across the globe. Different nationalities are represented with people from Spain, USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, the Philippines, Honduras, Croatia, United Kingdom, India and Italy.



With multidisciplinary experience, our team intersects soil science, agriculture, business, ecology, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, computer science, ecoinformatics and so much more!

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Advisory Board Members

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Jay Vroom
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Committed to Excellence

The Makers' Journey

From a simple dream to an all-star team!

January 2015

2015 Biome Makers is born

Biome Makers was born in San Francisco, CA. Founders Alberto Acedo and Adrián Ferrero take action to recover soil health through science and technology.

January 2015
April 2015

First Partnership

First partnership secured with Illumina Accelerator.

April 2015
April 2016

First Product

Winseq trials and market validation for advanced soil analysis in vineyards.

April 2016
June 2016

European Expansion

Spanish subsidiary and WineSeq technology recognition.

June 2016
October 2016

Seed Round

Biome Makers completes a seed round supported by Illumina and Viking.

time line - First seed Round
October 2016
Mar 2017

Wineseq Portal

Wineseq launches operational portal, an easy and friendly platform featuring a toolkit for deeper analysis of results.

Mar 2017
August 2017

Community recognition

Biome Makers receives several awards for our innovation in building a sophisticated and impactful technology.

August 2017
March 2018

BeCrop® and Gheom

Beyond vineyards, Biome Makers expands tech to any soil and any crop through BeCrop® and Gheom services.

Timeline - BeCrop® and Gheom
March 2018
September 2018

More Partnerships

Biome Makers receives the support of Terra and The Pearse Lyons to keep improving the technology.

Timeline - More partnerships came
September 2018
February 2019

New App, new tools

New mobility tools: App and API

February 2019
August 2019

Series A funding 

Biome Makers raised Series A funding led by European investors: Seaya Ventures, Local Globe and JME Ventures.

Timeline - Series A funding 
August 2019
February 2020

Fields4Ever initiative

Biome Makers launches Fields4Ever, a global initiative for the conservation and monitoring of soil health.

Fields4Ever logo_horizontal_color
February 2020
March 2020

European Commission Support

Funding from the European Commission to expand BeCrop® Technology.

Timeline - European support
March 2020
February 2021

The first AI virtual assistant

Biome Makers collaborates with Bayer Crop Science to validate the first AI virtual assistant to optimize yield and improve soil health.

Timeline - The first AI virtual assistant for sustainable farming
February 2021
April 2021

First Lab Licensing Partnership

Waters Agricultural Laboratories Inc acquires a license of BeCrop® technology.

Water Agricultural Laboratories Inc Logo-1
April 2021
July 2021

Series B Funding Secured

Biome Makers Raises $15M in Series B Funding led by Prosus Ventures, with the participation of Seaya Ventures, Viking Global Investors, JME Ventures and Pymwymic.

Timeline - Series B Funding Secured
July 2021
January 2022

Expansion of Executive Team

New global executive team members join in each department with shared vision for worldwide soil health.

January 2022
February 2022

New Product Developments

Biome Makers announces updates to BeCrop® and launches BeCrop® Rate.

Logo BeCrop Rate
February 2022
February 2022

New Brand Architecture

Former product brand "Gheom" realigns with BeCrop® technology, is re-named BeCrop® Trials.

Logo BeCrop Technology
February 2022
March 2022

BeCrop® Advisor Program Launch

Biome Makers launches BeCrop® Advisor, a soil health educational training initiative on soil biology and the applications of BeCrop® technology.

BeCrop Advisors
March 2022
Support soil health restoration

Our Investors

Thank you for supporting us in our journey from the very beginning. Together, we are ensuring the future of sustainable agriculture through soil recovery.

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UPL partners with Biome Makers to improve soil health and agricultural sustainability

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Agrovar and Biome Makers Join Forces to Support Bulgarian Farmers

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BioAg World Congress Honors Alberto Acedo of Biome Makers with Revolutionary Achiever Award 2023

BioAg World Congress Honors Alberto Acedo of Biome Makers with Revolutionary Achiever Award 2023

May 4, 2023 8:06:10 AM 2 min read