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Supporting the Future of Sustainable Agriculture Through Soil Recovery.

Biome Makers is a global AgTech company on a mission to empower farmers and recover soil health worldwide.

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The largest taxonomic database.


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BeCrop® Technology:
The Global Standard for Soil Health

BeCrop®, a Biome Makers technology, analyzes soil data intelligence to predict risks, improve yields, and regenerate soil health. Powered by the world’s largest database of 24M microorganisms, BeCrop® uses the soil microbiome DNA and machine learning to analyze not only which microbes are present but also their interactions among them, with the crop and ecosystem.

Largest Database of Microorganisms

Unlike other companies, Biome Makers has the most advanced computing abilities and the largest taxonomic database, resulting in the most intelligent technology platform available. Our technology has analyzed 200+ crops from 56+ countries worldwide.


Independent digital Platform

BeCrop® is an independent digital platform with actionable insights to optimize farm operations, support product development, and provide agronomic recommendations rooted in science. BeCrop® allows you to analyze and compare data on a field by field level, connecting soil needs to inputs and illuminating the path toward sustainable farm management.

Our Products and Services

BeCrop® products and services decode soil biology data to provide actionable soil health intelligence on yield limitations, disease diagnosis, and evaluation of input products. Our insights help the agricultural industry predict, measure, validate and communicate farmland potential and regenerate soil health and functionality.

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The Agronomic Decision-Making Tool for Crop Productivity

BeCrop® Test provides predictive insights crucial for maximizing yield, combating disease, and enhancing sustainability. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your soil for any crop, on any field, anywhere.

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Performance Validation & Science-based Recommendation

BeCrop® Trials generate baseline field data through trials for the biological input development and placement. The data provides intelligence to identify product strengths, gaps, and niches, evaluate product portfolios, and empower sales and marketing teams. Utilize soil intelligence to develop and commercialize best-performing products in a crowded marketplace.

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Soil Sustainability Rating for Supply Chain Resilience and Scope 3 Reporting

BeCrop Rate is a benchmarking tool for CPG companies, leveraging a global soil health index to deliver a soil sustainability rating, essential for Scope 3 reductions and strengthening supply chain resilience. This enables CPGs to not only identify high performing farms, but also pinpoint areas.

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For several years now, BeCrop has been put to good use on countless projects worldwide, setting the standard in soil health analysis. But today, our customers are demanding even more access to specialists in BeCrop technology to help support the growing need for precise and data-driven recommendations.

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Biome Maker's BeCrop® Technology is Used All Over the World.