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For several years now, BeCrop has been put to good use on countless projects worldwide, becoming a new standard in soil biology analysis. But today, our customers are demanding even more access to specialists in BeCrop technology to help support the growing need for sustainable agriculture.

That’s why we created Soil Squad, to bring BeCrop experts together and provide them with exclusive membership benefits. If you’re interested in becoming part of the community, you can learn more about it by clicking the following button.

A proven path

for understanding your soil

We are a global AgTech company providing the most advanced technology for modeling soil functionality. We're on a mission to enhance the productivity of arable soils and recover soil health worldwide.

Through our proprietary soil tech platform, BeCrop,  we measure the biological quality of the soil and deliver agronomic insights to optimize farm operations and output.

Keep your dirt

from getting ... dirty

Meet the Microbes

Get a better understanding of how your soil's complex community of microbes can impact yield, product quality and crop longevity.

Make Better Agronomic Decisions

Make informed, science-based decisions to refine fertilization protocols, improve productivity, monitor soil recovery and prevent pathogenic outbreaks.

Improve Quality & Yield

Measure soil bioactivity and turn low-yield fields into reliable producers through in-depth biological insights. Differentiate your products based on a qualitative analysis of top soil.

Innovative tools

for agriculture

Farmers & Agronomists

BeCrop is the most advanced technology available for functional soil analysis, combining DNA sequencing and Intelligent Computing.

Crop specific, data-driven insights to optimize the health of any soil, any crop.


Gheom generates an assessment of the biological impact of ag inputs under real conditions, supporting product improvement and perfecting market suitability.

Biome Makers is a trusted independent company that provides science-based functional claims for crop inputs.

Specific solutions

for specific problems

Harnessing cutting-edge technology

to unlock the soil microbiome

Carry a precision tool ...

Discover the most advanced computational technology for soil analysis. We translate data into an easy-to-understand report with optimal accuracy.

... in your pocket

Explore our app and website to learn more about the agronomic solutions our reports can offer you. 


Success Stories

See how our technology is making a difference



Silver Oak

Farmer | Vineyards

Biome Makers tool is very helpful to assess soil health and know that our practices are achieving some of our end goals “



Agronomist | Corn

“This test can help farmers make precise decisions about the microbes they must apply to improve their soil's biological fertility”


AgraZymes | SGS

Ag input manufacturer

"It is great to have accurate data on the impact of our products in soil health"


ID Forest

Mycology | Truffle farming

"Thanks to the microbiota analysis carried out by Biome Makers we can evaluate the state of the soils, identifying threats and opportunities and optimizing their management"


Fuentes del Silencio

Farmer | Vineyards

"We are very satisfied with the results because of the benefits they have brought us."



Ag Manufacturer

“Looking at soil functionality has helped to improve the efficiency of our products “




Agri Marine Terra

Ag Manufacturer | Avocado

"We love the portal user-friendly interface and how easy to use the tools are."



Agronomist | Potato

"This is a game-changer to upgrade agronomic advice on fertilization and crop protection programs, including biologicals,  in an integrated management approach "


Dole Fresh Fruit

Farmers | Banana

"Complete microbial analysis of soils made by Biome Makers helps us to better understand and evaluate the impact of our agricultural practices in crop productivity"


to a sustainable future

recovering soil health

fields4ever is spearheading a new, philanthropic effort to build a network of contributors committed to pledging 2% of revenue to address one of the most urgent environmental issues of the day: soil health recovery.


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