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Biome Makers Partners

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Over 8000 Farmers Have Become More Regenerative

Together with our BCAs we help the community save money, grow better crops and recover soil health!

We have educated and qualified BeCrop Advisors (BCAs) around the globe to help the agricultural community with access to BeCrop Technology, help them interpret reports and connect them with the right solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in agriculture.


BeCrop Advisors


Adefemi Orodeji

Terra Agric Farm Future Nigeria

Language: English

Email: adefemiorodeji@gmail.com

Phone: +2349075873168


Category: Nigeria

Saad Salman Khan

Phytopathology and Biological Control Specialist

Language: Deutsch

Email: saadk325@gmail.com


Category: Germany

Mariano Rodríguez

Agronomist - Sustentagro

Specialty: Tobacco, wheat, corn, beans, tomato, pepper, pasture, chia, grapevine.

Language: English, Español

Email: mrodriguez@sustentagro.com

Phone: +5493876850775

Category: Argentina

Maria Hernandez-Soriano

Postdoctoral Scientist

Specialty: Wheat. Nitrogen Efficiency

Language: English, Español, Français

Category: United Kingdom

Leonard Theisgen


Specialty: Organic / Regenerative

English, Deutsch

Category: Germany

Tiby Thomas

Zonal Manager - Criyagen Agri and Biotech Pvt Ltd

Specialty: Cereals

English, Hindi

Category: India

Raúl Bragado Alcaraz

Agronomist Director - Tiloom Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L

Specialty: Turfgrass for sports fields

English, Español

Category: Spain

Steven Fent

Regional Sales Executive

Specialty: Row crop, fruit and vegetable, turf and ornamental


Category: United States

Juan José Chávez Mulet

Corporate Product Manager - Advanced Analytical Services

Specialty: Coffee, Palm oil, Sugarcane, Banana, Avocado, Tobacco, Melon, Pineapple.

English, Español, Français

Category: Guatemala

Martina Broggio


Specialty: Grapevine

English, Italiano

Category: Italy

Francisco Telles Varela

Agroecologist & Monitoring. Orgo Regenerative Biology Management

Farmer-to-Farmer Advisory & In-Field Tests/Lab Analysis Monitoring

English, Español, Portuguese

Category: Portugal, Germany

Gustavo Gomez Jimenez

Agropec Ingenieros Consultores S.L

Specialty: Pasture, Hay, Holistic Management


Category: Spain

Daniel Cathey

Founder and Agronomist: Inputs and Regener8 Crop Consulting

Specialty: Tree Nuts, Stone Fruit, Grapes, Data-driven Approach, Regenerative and Organic Production, Transitional Production.


Category: United States

Hector Chavez Teuber

Technical Director - Pegassus LTDA

Language(s): Español

Email: hchavezt@gmail.com

Phone: +56998278371



Category: Chile

Shyloh Stafford-Jones

Kula, Hawaii

Owner/Lead Agronomist - SJ Ag Operations

Language(s): English

Email: shyloh@sjagriservices.com

Category: United States
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