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BeCrop® Rate

Sustainable Land

BeCrop® Rate uses the power of soil biology and artificial intelligence to provide a metric system that enables its users to demonstrate and verify sustainability.

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What Customers Demand

are willing to pay more for sustainably produced food, and would change buying habits to help the environment.
of consumers think that retailers don’t do enough to showcase their sustainability efforts.

I'm Growing Sustainably,
Now What?

Farmers and food producers have made ambitious commitments to sustainable farming and these efforts need to be rewarded. But there hasn’t been a reliable metric to scientifically prove and measure their impact-until now!

BeCrop® Rate utilizes BeCrop® technology and scientific methodology to measure human intervention and empower nature inclusive landscapes.

Farmers and operators now have the technology to measure, improve and verify sustainability to lead the change while differentiating their products from the competition.

Rate Your Farmland

BeCrop® Rate Methodology

The BeCrop® Rate metric offers an assessment of sustainability to farmland parcels once per year. Based on BeCrop®'s proprietary artificial intelligence. It presents comparability across different farmlands independently of crops, farming practices or geographic location.

The outcome is a score card that provides an impact assessment of human intervention on agricultural lands and best management practices.

“BeCrop Technology was the missing piece for a sustainable management of our farm”
Agronomist, Olive Farm
The BeCrop® Rate Impact

Who Benefits?

Global Standard in Soil Health Analysis

The Tech Behind BeCrop® Rate

BeCrop® Rate uses the advanced BeCrop® technology's ecological computing using artificial intelligence and the largest global taxonomic database of 14M microorganisms, to decode the soil microbial networks and assess human impact on soil biology.

The microbiome is a reliable biomarker to decode soil quality and functionality as it relates to crop health, nutrient cycling and more.

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