The BeCrop® Rate

Better Sustainability Starts With Soil Health

BeCrop® Rate is a soil health metric that validates your land’s sustainability and informs the transition to regenerative agriculture. It's the only metric validated by the scientific community - tested globally across 200+ crops -  designed to support the entire value chain from Food and Agriculture. 
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Watch BeCrop® Rate In Action

Owner Maarten van Dam was determined to demonstrate the effectiveness of their regenerative practices through scientific validation. This led Schevichoven Farm to Biome Makers' BeCrop® Rate, a groundbreaking soil health metric that integrates microbiome, water, and carbon data to provide a comprehensive sustainability rating. 

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regenerative agriculture

The climate is heating up. The population continues to rise. Our agricultural supply chains are under threat.

Regenerative agriculture steps in as the ideal solution to our global problems. Through soil recovery, we can heal our climate and empower farmers worldwide. But there hasn’t been a reliable framework to guide our efforts…until now.


How does it work?

BeCrop® Rate: The Key to Sustainable Land Management

1. It all starts with soil samples.

Using BeCrop's advanced computing and the world's largest taxonomic database of over 24M references of microorganisms in agriculture, we measure changes in soil biodiversity that are affected by management practices.

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2. Receive your BeCrop Rate Metric.

The index ranges from D to A++ (0 to 100 ratings). Your BeCrop Rate will help you understand the quality of each intervention and whether it benefits or harms the farm, allowing you to take actionable steps toward complete restoration of the landscape.

3. Compare your results.

See how your farm is doing when compared to the market. BeCrop® Rate allows you to compare your results to the same crop at country-level, the same crop globally and all crops globally.

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4. Communicate your success.

Help your audience easily understand the credibility of your regenerative practices.

You'll receive:

  • BeCrop® Rate Metric; gain scientific verification by the industry leader in soil health analysis.
  • A QR code to connect to BeCrop® Rate System
  • Marketing Package to promote your Rate; receive expert guidance on how to effectively communicate your score and achieve the best outcome.


Benefits of BeCrop® Rate

Nature Based Solutions For



✔ Strengthen agricultural supply chains
✔ Bring more stability and security to farmers
✔ Gain agronomic insights and make actionable changes on your farms


Sustainability Platforms

✔ Partner with the industry leader in soil health analysis
✔ Strengthen your sustainability framework
✔ Monitor changes on farms over time



✔ Prove to CPG clients that you follow strict guidelines
✔ Confirm that your products are regeneratively grown
✔ Position your business as a reliable partner

“I’d recommend BeCrop Rate to other farmers looking to monitor their management practices and learn more about regenerative agriculture.”
Maarten van Dam, Owner, Schevichoven Farm

The science behind BeCrop® Rate

Get Verified by the Industry Leader In Soil Health Management

BeCrop® Rate uses the advanced BeCrop® technology's ecological computing using artificial intelligence and the largest global taxonomic database of 24M microorganisms, to decode the soil microbial networks and assess human impact on soil biology.

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Frequently asked questions

How is BeCrop® Rate calculated?

The indicator of the Rate is the soil microbiome.

Firstly, the Biome Makers team studies the areas of interest using satellite imagery to understand how many samples are required. Once we have nailed down the location and quantity of samples needed, one of our partners takes the samples.

The samples are then sent through BeCrop®’s advanced algorithm, which assesses how fertilizer, cover cropping, and biodiversity can be improved and adjusted to biological indicators.

What is the best time to carry out this assessment?

It is flexible, but the most optimal time we typically recommend is during the active growing season.

How often should I do this assessment?

The BeCrop Rate is valid for one year.

What can I do to increase the rate?

We would like to emphasize that the baseline of 100 is a wild forest, so agricultural land will never have the perfect score. The Rate serves to benchmark where you are on your journey toward complete regenerative agriculture.

That being said, if your Rate is low, we have the perfect next step for you. Our service BeCrop® Management will provide you with additional insights to understand how the management practices impact the soil over time and in different locations. Biome Makers will take a Rate of each land and see which soil microbiome is healthier. This data will help you see exactly which management practices are working efficiently, allowing you to optimize them for a bigger impact.

Then, you can use the data and analysis to communicate the steps you are taking to be more regenerative. BeCrop® Rate helps you measure your progress and take the necessary steps toward true regenerative agriculture, even if your Rate is low.

What is an ideal score?

The A++ rating, equivalent to 100, represents a pristine, untouched wilderness, like a wild forest. 

It's important to emphasize that achieving a 100 (A++) rating is only possible for such environments. Any form of human intervention will lower the overall score.

Customers should understand that a 100 (A++) rating is exclusive to natural, undisturbed landscapes. It's perfectly normal for farmers or managed areas to score between 60 and 80, which indicates some level of human involvement.

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