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BeCrop® Rate: helping farmers demonstrate sustainability


Global AgTech leader, Biome Makers, launches BeCrop® Rate, a new metric to empower sustainable land. BeCrop® Rate utilizes the power of BeCrop® technology to measure, verify and improve sustainability to lead the change and regenerate farmland soils while gaining buyer preference and trust. BeCrop® technology is comprised of ecological computing using artificial intelligence and the largest global taxonomic database of 10M microorganisms to decode the soil microbial networks and assess human impact on soil biology. 

Consumers can have a significant social, economic, and environmental impact when buying and supporting sustainably produced food. 70% of consumers indicated that they are willing to pay 5% more for products that can effectively trace a sustainable supply chain as observed in new data collected from Johnson Controls brand Sensormatic Solutions. After surveying 1000 shoppers, the survey found that half of the consumers believe businesses must lead the charge toward sustainability. While 90% of consumers think that retailers don’t do enough to showcase their sustainability efforts.

Therefore, sustainable agriculture has a large potential to influence our collective efforts in improving consumers' access to healthy, nutritious food while positively impacting communities around the globe.

Measuring human intervention in agriculture is the key to empowering sustainable food production. Farmers and food producers have made ambitious commitments to change the way they farm and these efforts need to be rewarded. “A new, reliable metric that is scientifically proven to measure the impact of human intervention is quickly becoming the standard for global soil health,” states Adrian Ferrero, co-founder, and CEO at Biome Makers.

The BeCrop® Rate metric offers an assessment of the sustainability of farmland parcels once per year. It presents comparability across different farmlands independently of crops, farming practices, or geographic location. The outcome is a scorecard that provides an impact assessment of human intervention on agricultural lands and best management practices. 

BeCrop® Rate provides significant benefits to all members of the food value chain from farmers and suppliers to consumers. Farmers can measure and improve the adoption of sustainable practices as well as communicate their efforts to stakeholders. Then, suppliers can track performance across the supply chain in order to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Lastly, consumers can purchase sustainably verified products and support farmers that are taking lengthy measures to regenerate farmland and improve soil health.

“If we want to see a shift in regenerative agriculture and recover soil health for future generations, it is imperative for all of us to work together. BeCrop® Rate is the next frontier in improving soil health and supporting farmers in adopting sustainable management practices," states Adrián Ferrero, co-founder, and CEO at Biome Makers.


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