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Advancing Agriculture with Jay Vroom: Biome Makers Adds Industry Leader as New Advisor


Biome Makers, a global leader in agtech microbiology, announces the addition of Jay Vroom as an advisor. Biome Makers is revolutionizing the agricultural industry with BeCrop technology, the world's largest database of taxonomic references of microorganisms. Biome Makers aims to optimize crop yields by integrating soil microbiology into farming practices.

1"I'm honored to join Biome Makers in a new business advisory role.  The great science and practical application that the firm is providing to farmers and so many others who serve farmers is a perfect intersection with my experience and forward-looking interests. We are at a time when, building on the vast innovation in farming and food science in the last 100 years, the next decades will literally explode with new invention.” states Jay Vroom.


“Biome Makers brings the real expertise to make sense of it all, and provide the milestones farmers need to know what's working and why.  And we can clear the path for much more innovation to come,” adds Vroom.

Jay Vroom has devoted his career to advocating for and advising modern agricultural businesses and organizations.  Raised on an Illinois farm, he still owns and helps operate that land and feels a lifelong allegiance to US farming.  His professional career spans nearly five decades and has focused on the agricultural inputs and grain merchandising sectors. His professional expertise focuses on food and ag public policy and communications outreach.  For most of his career, Jay has worked in and around Washington, DC, where he continues to operate today.

After working for four distinct US ag trade associations, the last 30 years of which he served as CEO of CropLife America, Jay began a "second career" in 2018. He's now working for various clients spanning communications, marketing, and regulatory business interests for major multinational firms to small, venture capital-supported start-up tech companies and several associations and coalitions.  Jay works via his own consulting LLC company as well as the lobby firm DCLRS, Inc.; the law firm OFW Law; and the Context Network.  While located nearby Washington, DC, Jay has extensive policy experience in both state capitols around the US and on the international landscape as well.  

Jay graduated from the University of Illinois ACES College, with a BS in Ag Science, has studied business administration at Washington University, and attended the Harvard School of Business Agri Business Seminar multiple times. He currently volunteers service as a founding board member of the Soil Health Institute, and he serves on the board of the social/professional fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho.   He’s also spent over a decade volunteering service to the National FFA Foundation.   He and his wife, Jamie, enjoy spending time with family in Illinois and northern California.

"We are excited to have Jay Vroom on board as an advisor," states Adrian Ferrero, co-founder, and CEO at Biome Makers. "Jay brings a wealth of experience and expertise in agribusiness, and his insights will be an asset to our team as we work to achieve our goals and serve the agri-food ecosystem. We are confident that his knowledge and guidance will be invaluable as we continue to grow and evolve." adds Ferrero.

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