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Growing and Thriving in the Global AgTech Hub: Biome Makers Unveils New Headquarters in Davis


Leading Biotech Company revolutionizing agriculture with groundbreaking soil data technology and AI, backed by a strong global sustainability commitment

Biome Makers announced the grand opening of its 4,200 sq. ft, new headquarters, located in the Global AgTech Hub of the world, Davis, California. Biome Makers continues to drive innovation in agriculture by decoding soil biology at scale, and enhancing soil sampling processing times through its expanded lab space and state-of-the-art facilities.

Biome Makers’ patented BeCrop® Technology is setting the standard for soil health with the world's largest taxonomic database of references of microorganisms. BeCrop® combines advanced genomics, microbial network science, and AI to provide insights into specific functions being performed by the entire soil microbiome. Farmers, crop advisors, ag input manufacturers, and retailers worldwide have trusted BeCrop® for almost a decade for soil health intelligence and recommendations for over 170 crops across 45 countries. Their 2022 Impact Report showcases a 20% reduction in agrochemical fertilizers and a 15% increase in agricultural carbon sequestration for farmers utilizing BeCrop.

“With the loss of one-third of arable soil worldwide, the industry can leverage BeCrop—a technology that collects comprehensive soil data and employs AI—to enhance its understanding of how soil microbiomes affect food production,” states co-founder and CSO Alberto Acedo, Biome Makers. “BeCrop soil intelligence delivers insights that can drive improved crop yields, provide better agronomic recommendations, increase carbon sequestration, and enhance water conservation practices.”

 “We are grateful for the support of the Davis community, which has been integral to the growth and success of Biome Makers since its founding in 2015. We eagerly anticipate this expansion, aiming to meet the increasing demands of our customers through the provision of high-quality services, enhanced turnaround time, and exceptional BeCrop® technology,” CEO and co-founder Adrian Ferrero said.

“Davis is the perfect place for an agricultural tech company like Biome Makers,” said Mayor Will Arnold. “The proximity to growers who need this technology will no doubt be a competitive advantage as will the educated work force in this field graduating from UC Davis.”

The building is owned by Buzz Oates, who made tenant improvements for the company to create a more modern and functional workspace. The new headquarters will be located at 202 Cousteau Place, Suite 100, accommodating the growing company and increased global customer base.

“We are honored to help a global and growing biotech company, which is our leading and top industry in the Greater Sacramento region,” Greater Sacramento Economic Council Board Chair and President & CEO of Buzz Oates Larry Allbaugh said. “We want to continue to support world-class biotech companies that are working diligently on developing and producing the best food for the world.”

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