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Biome Makers Earns No. 4 in the Agriculture on Fast Company’s List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Setting the Standard in Agriculture with Predictive Soil Functionality Analysis

Biome Makers has earned a prestigious spot on Fast Company's list of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2024. Ranking fourth in the Agriculture category, Biome Makers is celebrated for contributing to global soil health restoration, leveraging its soil intelligence technology and data analytics.

This year’s list spotlights businesses that are shaping industry and culture through their innovations. These organizations are setting new standards and achieving remarkable milestones in all sectors of the economy. Alongside the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies, Fast Company recognizes 606 organizations across 58 sectors and regions.

“We are honored to earn No. 4 in the ‘Agriculture’ category of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2024. Over the last decade, my team and I have worked hard to develop a technology to decode complex soil biology data into actionable intelligence. We analyze yield limitations, diagnose diseases, and evaluate the effectiveness of input products.” states Adrian Ferrero, CEO and Co-founder at Biome Makers. “This not only enables the agricultural sector to predict, measure, validate and communicate the potential of farmland but also plays a crucial role in regenerating soil health and predicting soil functionality.”

Central to Biome Makers’ innovation is BeCrop®, a technology that harnesses the power of the world’s largest database of 24 million microorganisms, employing soil microbiome DNA analysis and machine learning techniques. This analysis uncovers microbial ecosystems and explores the interactions between microbes, crops, and their environment. BeCrop® is an independent digital platform that enables the optimization of farm operations, supports product development, and offers agronomic recommendations founded on robust scientific research. By facilitating field-by-field analysis, BeCrop® uniquely connects soil needs with suitable inputs, shedding light on the route to sustainable farm management.

Notable Achievements by Biome Makers:

  • World’s Largest Soil Database: Harnessing over 24 million microorganisms to provide actionable soil intelligence for better agronomic decisions.
  • Global Reach: Serving over 56 countries, Biome Makers showcases its international impact in the agricultural sector.
  • Extensive Land Coverage: Over 1.7MM Acres globally are now implementing biological soil analysis techniques with Biome Makers.
  • Farmers Empowered: More than 21,500 farmers and 2,000 agribusinesses have witnessed improvements in soil health thanks to Biome Makers' technology.
  • Diverse Crop Analysis: With 201 crop types analyzed worldwide of ag-soil microbial profiles.
  • Industry Collaborations: Over 200 partnerships with leading institutions and companies in the industry.

Biome Makers' recognition by Fast Company signifies its critical role in tackling crucial challenges within agriculture, from enhancing food security to advocating for environmental sustainability through smarter, data-driven farming practices.

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About Biome Makers
Founded in the Bay Area of California in 2015, Biome Makers is one of the foremost global AgTech leaders, setting the standard in soil health with BeCrop® technology. Built on industry-leading AgTech expertise and driven by data and science, Biome Makers connect soil biology to agricultural decision-making to optimize farming practices and reverse the degradation of arable soils. With labs across the globe, customers on 6 continents, and 1MM+ acres of land impacted, Biome Makers revitalizes soil functionality and agricultural sustainability worldwide. For more information, visit

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