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Biome Makers is leading innovation with the largest global database of microbes.


BeCrop® technology, which leads the largest global taxonomic database, has expanded further to include 14 million taxonomic references of microorganisms. This remarkable growth, which has doubled in less than one year, is a result of the vast number of samples collected and analyzed worldwide. BeCrop® is unrivaled in its field, thanks to its extensive global collection and analysis of samples from over 170 different types of crops from around the world, far surpassing the capabilities of other companies in DNA sequencing and biological soil analysis.

Biome Makers is leading innovation in soil microbe discovery with BeCrop® technology, the standard soil biology analysis.  The agriculture industry can now make more informed agronomic decisions using soil intelligence. Ag input manufacturers also stand to benefit from this technology, as they can develop more effective products tailored to specific soil types. 

“Expanding our database is a significant transformation for the agricultural community to understand and improve soil health. By providing the industry with access to intelligence about the soil microbiome, we are empowering them to make new discoveries and develop innovative solutions for restoring and maintaining soil health in agriculture.” states co-founder and CSO, Alberto Acedo, PhD.

The BeCrop® technology has significantly expanded the scope and depth of soil intelligence available to the industry exploring soil health and biology. With the ability to identify a diverse range of microbial populations in soil samples, the database serves as a valuable resource for understanding the dynamics of the soil microbiome and its role as a bioindicator.  BeCrop® examines and tracks which microorganisms are found in soil samples and what functions they provide. Understanding soil biology is crucial to ensure that soil is functional and healthy, and food is abundant and accessible to communities.

By partnering with researchers in the field, Biome Makers can further expand microbe discovery and gain new insights into the functions and health of agricultural soils. With this knowledge, new strategies can be developed to restore and maintain soil health, benefiting farmers and the environment. Researchers interested in soil health and biology are encouraged to reach out to Biome Makers to explore potential collaborations and discover the full potential of the BeCrop® technology.

“We are thrilled to offer this valuable resource to the scientific community and look forward to the exciting new insights and breakthroughs that will come from this expansion.” emphasizes co-founder and CSO, Alberto Acedo, PhD.

As an independent, neutral provider, Biome Makers do not share its customers' collected data with entities outside of Biome Makers and remains a trusted partner to its clients and collaborators. The analyses are backed by science and not influenced by outside control or another company’s authority. Biome Makers leverages BeCrop to learn about the nuances of biological soil status and healthy soils worldwide.


With customers and partners worldwide, BeCrop® brings the latest soil health insights to make better agricultural decisions and reveal the power of soil biology. 

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Updated January 20th, 2023