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Regen Ag Lab and Biome Makers Join Forces


Regen Ag Lab and Biome Makers Join Forces to Offer Complete Conventional and Biological Soil Health Analysis.

Biome Makers Inc, the global leader in functional soil biology analysis, has partnered with Regenerative Agriculture Laboratory (Regen Ag Lab) to incorporate the company’s BeCrop soil microbiome standard analysis into Regen Ag Lab’s Haney and conventional soil health analytics services.

With baseline nutrient and organic matter levels insights provided by Regen Ag Lab, along with the functional indexes reflecting biological activities as soil nutrient cycling and mobilization, disease risk, and biodiversity provided by Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology, growers can now obtain more precise insights into the soils’ needs than ever before. The joint analysis allows growers to pinpoint specific areas of needed improvement and make informed decisions to optimize crop health and input costs.

The evolving relationship signals a mutual commitment to providing the latest data-driven solutions to growers, designed to optimize soil inputs, facilitate soil health recuperation, enhance farming productivity, and restore a sustainable balance to the world’s agricultural ecosystem.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue our relationship with Regen Ag Lab,” said Adrián Ferrero, co-founder, and CEO of Biome Makers. “This partnership marks a mutual commitment to mitigate food insecurity and climate challenges by re-aligning traditional farming practices with today’s technology.”


Echoing this sentiment, Lance Gunderson of Regen Ag Lab, added: “We are beyond excited to announce this alliance with Biome Makers and look forward to our continued roll out of ag services dedicated to improving soil health and sustainable agriculture.”


The alliance was made possible by the nearly year-long product R&D and sample studies undertaken between the two companies, in response to the increasing demand from growers seeking breakthrough technologies that Regen Ag Lab and Biome Makers can deliver.


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