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DISAGRO® Partners with Biome Makers to License BeCrop Technology


Biome Makers, a global AgTech leader, announces a strategic partnership with DISAGRO®, the largest provider of agriculture solutions in Latin America, based in Guatemala. DISAGRO® is aligning itself with technology providers, like Biome Makers, to bring the latest innovative technology to market and help recover soil health. 

DISAGRO®, through its innovative advisory service AgritecGEO®, offers the most advanced digital agriculture technology developed for the region. AgritecGEO® is a service model supported by digital agriculture diagnostic tools that collect, analyze, and communicate information quickly and share it with its users via an App. And now, AgritecGEO® will incorporate BeCrop® technology into its services portfolio.

This licensing agreement between DISAGRO® and Biome Makers will enable Biome Makers to expand its reach to 11 new Latin American markets, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Belize, ensuring that the standard for soil health analysis, BeCrop®, is accessible and available to all stakeholders.   

BeCrop® technology is the first digital soil technology platform with the largest global database of 10M taxonomic references of soil microorganisms, delivering a functional crop-specific analysis of the soil microbiome. The technology decodes soil biology and provides user-friendly data-fueled insights about farmland's underground bioactivity. 

This agreement will elevate DISAGRO®’s reach in soil health and analytics with a new and improved wet lab, which will open in 2023. Positioning a physical lab in Latin America will provide quicker results and enable growers and advisors to make better agronomic decisions in the field.

“At DISAGRO®, we encourage innovation in agriculture by delivering the most cutting-edge technology in the world to our customers. That is why the alliance made with Biome Makers and the integration of BeCrop® technology to AgritecGEO® services reaffirm our commitment to improving conditions and information for optimizing resources, precise task execution, and greater knowledge of the crops,” states Estuardo Jara, DISAGRO Marketing Corporate Director.

Biological soil testing and analysis is a sustainable farming practice. DISAGRO® hopes to provide further insights for growers into adopting regenerative agricultural practices that positively impact soil health on the farm.

“Biome Makers is inspired by the work DISAGRO® does for the farming communities in Latin America. This partnership is a huge step to providing advanced biological soil analytics to growers in the region, empowering them to optimize inputs, saving time and money, and ultimately improving the health of their farmland, crop quality, and yield,” states Adrian Ferrero, CEO and Cofounder at Biome Makers.