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Biome Makers Partners in Groundbreaking Sugarcane Sustainability Initiative


Biome Makers, a global agtech company, proudly announces its selection as a partner in an alliance to promote sustainable and profitable sugarcane production. This collaborative effort involves the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the National Union of Cane Growers (UNC-CNPR), Syngenta, Bonsucro, Biofábrica Siglo XXI and Biome Makers.

The initiative empowers farmers to integrate microbial fertilizers, organic matter, biological pest control, mechanized harvesting and efficient water use to enhance soil health and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biome Makers' innovative BeCrop® technology will be essential in evaluating and optimizing soil conditions, enabling farmers to achieve higher yields and greater sustainability.

“Collaborating with Biome Makers marks a significant advancement for sustainable agriculture. Their leading expertise in soil health analytics will help transform sugarcane production in Mexico, making it more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly.” Marcel Morales, Director of Biofábrica Siglo XXI.

From left to right: Marcel Morales (Director of Biofábrica Siglo XXI), Danielley Morley (CEO Bonsucro), Benjamín Sandoval (Bonsucro representative in Mexico), Diego Montenegro (IICA Representative in Mexico), Patricia Toledo (Head of Business Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Syngenta), Mirna Aragón (Director Fomento a La Agricultura SADER), Rigoberto Verduzco (srio. de finanzas unc-cnpr) and Víctor Vila (business development manager Biome Makers). Image Credits:

BeCrop® technology by Biome Makers employs advanced DNA sequencing and machine learning to analyze and monitor the soil microbiome and provide actionable insights. These insights are critical for predicting crop performance, identifying potential disease threats, and guiding sustainable soil management practices. Accessible via the BeCrop Portal, the data provides detailed soil microbial community reports in a user-friendly format, assisting farmers, agronomists, and advisors in making informed decisions for the next growing season.

“We are honored to be part of this groundbreaking alliance. Our BeCrop® technology will deliver crucial insights into soil health, aiding farmers in implementing sustainable practices that enhance productivity and environmental stewardship.” states Adrian Ferrero, Cofounder and CEO of Biome Makers. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to advance agricultural sustainability through innovative biotechnological solutions.”

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About Biome Makers

Founded in the Bay Area of California in 2015, Biome Makers is one of the foremost global AgTech leaders, setting the standard in soil health with BeCrop® technology. Built on industry-leading soil microbiome and machine learning expertise, Biome Makers connect soil biology to agricultural decision-making to optimize farming practices and reverse the degradation of arable soils. With labs across the globe, customers on 6 continents, and 1.7MM+ acres of land impacted, Biome Makers revitalizes soil functionality and agricultural sustainability worldwide. For more information, visit

About Biofábrica

Founded in México in 2003, Biofábrica Siglo XXI is the first mexican company specialized in the use of agrobiotechnology for the development of alternatives in agricultural production, articulating the work of scientific research with production, from a market, ecological and social responsibility perspective. We are dedicated to the production and research of microbial fertilizers and biological pest and disease control products. Our products, made from beneficial microorganisms, have been shown to increase production, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, regenerate soils and increase carbon capture, which contributes to combating global warming.

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