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Biome Makers offers free webinar Microbial Nutrition in Citrus Agriculture

Join Biome Makers for a free webinar, "Microbial Nutrition in Citrus Agriculture: Insights from a Real-World Case Study this month on Tuesday, February 21st, at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST.

The webinar, "Microbial Nutrition in Citrus Agriculture: Insights from a Real-World Case Study," will feature Herb Young, a small-acreage regenerative citrus grower/researcher from Thomasville, GA. With 38 years of experience in the agricultural industry, Herb has a wealth of knowledge to share on regenerative agriculture.

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Join us for this informative and inspiring webinar, where you'll gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities of regenerative agriculture and learn from one grower's real-world experience. Herb Young will discuss his journey to transform his land by using cover crops and a pure biological nutrition system to start a citrus grove and the effects of his management practices on microbial life. He will share results from his case study, including crop growth, soil health, and pest management data.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • The benefits of using living mulch in citrus agriculture, including improved soil health.
  • The role of microbial nutrition in supporting regenerative agriculture practices.
  • Using DNA analysis to quantify below-ground microbial successes.
  • The management of cover crops.
  • Personal experiences launching a regenerative citrus grower. 

You can register for this webinar here. 

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