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Biome Makers now offers BeCrop® Advisor Program in French


Biome Makers, an AgTech leader in soil health analysis, makes robust strides to offer agronomists and crop advisors the latest educational materials on soil health. Biome Makers created the BeCrop® Advisor Certification Program (BCA), which includes courses on soil health and biology, soil analytics, and BeCrop® technology. The BCA program is now available in English, Spanish, and French.

BeCrop® Advisors are encouraged to leverage BeCrop® technology, a powerful and proprietary platform, and tools that assess biological soil health based on microbiome insights. BCAs can monitor and manage clients through the BeCrop® Portal and use the BeCrop® Toolbox to compare and contrast reports across time, locations, and management practices for any crop.

Biome Makers’ BeCrop® Advisor program has enrolled over 400 students and 175 certified BCAs who now have a reliable way to know and work with their soils’ natural biological functions. BCAs have access to proprietary data-driven diagnostic tools to make optimal recommendations based on soil's existing biological pathways and provide the most comprehensive soil functionality report. BeCrop® determines soil needs and demonstrates the performance of recommended inputs and management practices on soil biology.

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