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Biome Makers and Biospheres Collaborate to Offer Biological Soil Health Analyses in France

Biome Makers Inc., the global AgTech leader in soil health analysis, has partnered with Biospheres to integrate Biome Makers’ BeCrop®  technology into the Microspheres lab in France. 

“Biome Makers continues to identify labs that share our mission towards global soil health restoration,” states co-founder and CEO Adrian Ferrero. “We are thrilled to partner with Biospheres and license our BeCrop® technology to France and empower stakeholders to learn more about the benefits of understanding soil biology.”

Biome Makers' analysis, integrated into a larger panel of analysis Microspheres Lab used on soil, allows them to improve their understanding of the microbiological aspect of soils and thus refine their diagnoses and the resulting advice for farmers and agricultural companies.


Thanks to Biome Makers BeCrop® technology, Microspheres Lab also offers their client services the evaluation of the effect of agricultural inputs, mainly biocontrol products or biostimulants, or agricultural practices on soil microbiology and its possible functions. Biospheres’ expertise in the implementation of trials under farming conditions as well as what the Biome Makers technology can deliver, allow Biospheres to offer a new way to evaluate the effect of these products under agricultural conditions.

“Microspheres Lab is very enthusiastic about the acquisition of Biome Makers license and the launch of new lab activities in France, in partnership with Biome Makers. In the continuity of Biospheres activities, the establishment of Microspheres Lab allows us to go further in our expertise in soil biology and more particularly in soil microbiology and its functionalities to advise farmers and companies,” states Biospheres founder and CEO Sébastien Roumegous. “This will allow us to meet a real demand from the agricultural world in terms of soil microbiological analysis, helping us to better understand and qualify soil health as well as drawing operational conclusions for the improvement of agricultural practices.”

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The partnership between Biome Makers and Microspheres Lab supports farmers, biostimulants companies, and food industries to gain biological soil insights, evaluate and support the transition to agroecological practices and develop outcome-based programs toward regenerative agriculture. This collaboration will strengthen both companies' ability to further serve the industry by using BeCrop® technology at the new Microspheres Lab.

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About Biome Makers

Founded in California’s Silicon Valley in 2015, Biome Makers is one of the foremost global AgTech leaders, setting the standard in soil health with BeCrop® technology. Built on industry-leading AgTech expertise and driven by data and science, Biome Makers connect soil biology to agricultural decision-making to optimize farming practices and reverse the degradation of arable soils. With labs across the globe, customers on 4 continents, and 1M+ acres of land impacted, Biome Makers revitalizes soil functionality and agricultural sustainability worldwide.

About Biospheres

Biospheres is a French company with a worldwide reach. Biospheres facilitates and secures the transition to regenerative agriculture by covering all the needs, from the first diagnostic to the measure of KPI’s after the first actions as well as in the long-term transition. Biospheres develops a results-oriented workflow process to support the clients with transparency. More, Biosphere conducts experiments and R&D in field crops, viticulture, market gardening, and arboriculture for large agri-food companies and manufacturers in order to rationalize and validate new agroecological technical itineraries. The company is split into 2 main services: Biospheres Consulting which is the business and projects management service, and The Agroecology Development Center (CDA) which is the R&D, technical advice division, and training division. Biospheres, through a dedicated training center, trains more than 1000 farmers per year in agroecology and soil natural fertility improvement. More generally, Biospheres has a very strong expertise in the biological functioning of soils, and its mission is to reveal at best this functioning for the benefit of farmers and more globally of all actors in the food industry.