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Kairos Vinas will study mycorrhizal fungi in vineyards

A new project in fields4ever

A new partner has joined fields4ever, Kairos Vina, they will take action to recover the soil health through the project: State of microbiota in the field during different parts of the season, and the effects of inoculated mycorrhizal fungi in the vineyard.


Project explanation

Samples required and project description

This project is comprised of 10 soil samples, which have been granted as part of the fields4ever Initiative.


This experiment will provide a benchmark and, as such, will help them to integrate soil health systemic monitoring into their workflow. Furthermore, if they could establish a direct link between the data obtained and the actual results, especially related to building soil organic matter, they will progress much faster in their understanding of the soil.

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A BeCrop analysis will be applied in two different periods, June and October, for a better understanding of the soil microbiome in their vineyards.


  • Determinate the state of microbiota in those parts of the vineyard with degraded humus.
  • Determinate the dominance of Fungal or bacteria microorganisms.
  • Analysis of the potential of microbiota to increase the availability of compounds.
  • Determinate the situation in those parts that were inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi years ago.
  • Analyze differences in regards to different parts of the season.

The Vineyard is situated above Trogir - a small town safeguarded by one of the most famous ancient Greek depictions of the god Kairos.

Kairos vina is a family-owned enterprise that was founded with the plantation of our vineyard in 2008. We grow 6 red varietals on the slopes of a hill overlooking the central Dalmatia archipelago on the Croatian Adriatic coast. The vineyard is under a fully-certified organic regime since 2016.

The company permanently employs 6 people and during the viticulture season around 15 more as our vineyard operations are very labor-intensive.

Head of the project

Ljubomir Jelavić

Director of Kairos Vina

Background in law and humanities. Director of family-owned wine production business based in central Dalmatia, Croatia (Kairos vina). Exploring the potential of rural development in Dalmatia. In that respect, betting on tech and design as drivers of systemic change.