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DAOU will study the effects of BluVite in vineyards


A new project in fields4ever

A new partner has joined fields4ever, DAOU vineyard, through the project Analysis of BluVite using a soil microbiome system in vineyards, they will take action to recover our soil health thank you to fields4ever initiative.

Project explanation

Samples required and project description

The project has been granted 18 samples to use in vineyard crops.


This project aims to evaluate the general effects of product - BluVite, a vineyard fertilizer exclusively distributed in the USA by Enartis, on the soil microbiota, namely the specific effects on the microbial community structure and the possible impact on further plant health and nutrition cycles (soil functionality).


This project includes a comparison between the status of the soil before and after the product addition, comparing the evolution of the microbiome of treated and untreated (control) portions of a vineyard. Amplicon-based metagenomics to define prokaryotes and fungi populations will analyze the characterization of the soil microbial community.

In this project, three replicates will be tested over three times: flowering (T1), veraison (T2), and before harvest (T3). Using this methodology, a high statistical power (accuracy) of the results will be ensured.


  • Analyze the impact of Enartis Product - BluVite on the soil microbiome.


  • Analyze the capacity of this product to interact with the natural soil microbiome and, thus, to promote soil health and sustainability in vineyards.

Family owned and operated, DAOU is committed to producing collectible, world-class wines to rival the most respected appellations in the world. Situated on a 212-acre hilltop estate in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles, our remarkable geology, favorable microclimate, and high elevation were once described by renowned California winemaker André Tchelistcheff as “a jewel of ecological elements.” As stewards of this beautiful terroir, DAOU’s goal is to make unique fine wines that honestly and accurately reflect the potential of the estate and to craft wines that combine Old World tradition with New World techniques.

Heads of the project

Georges Daou, Proprietor

Georges is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, and a man of many passions. On DAOU Mountain, Georges discovered his true calling. Here, he became the shepherd of a dream, a dream that this mountain’s wines would one day bring joy and pleasure to people around the world. He recognized the enormous potential and challenge contained in the mountain: “The raw jewels of this mountain have been here for thousands of years, but they can only be unlocked through great imagination. This is the quest we are wholly engaged in and it is the journey that we invite you to walk with us.”


Daniel Daou, Proprietor & Winemaker

Daniel combines the training of an engineer with the touch of an artist. These gifts have enabled him to master the art and the science necessary to make transcendent wines. He has set out to make true California First Growth Cabernet Sauvignons and become the Central Coast’s ambassador of Bordeaux varieties. Daniel’s heart is in the vineyard, where he spends his favorite part of the day—attentive to every possibility for cultivating the purest expression of DAOU Mountain's terroir.