Esteban Sánchez

Head of Product Development

Esteban is the Head of Product Development at Biome Makers, where he leads the company's digital platform transformation efforts, playing a pivotal role in advancing Biome Makers' commitment to sustainable and impactful solutions in the agriculture industry. With a profound background in digital innovation, product development, and platform scaling, Esteban has consistently driven growth and value creation throughout his career.

A standout achievement in Esteban's career is his leadership in successfully launching and scaling ForGround by Bayer, an online platform that facilitates climate-smart agriculture and a carbon credits marketplace. His role in this initiative not only demonstrated his product and strategic mindset but also showcased his operational execution ability and results orientation. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Esteban was honored with the 2022 Global Marketing Excellence Award for his work with ForGround, the highest honor within Bayer’s Crop Science Unit, underscoring his commitment to digital transformation and sustainable agriculture.

Before his role with ForGround, Esteban led teams across Operations, Marketing, and Product at FieldView, the leading digital farming platform, part of Bayer’s Digital Farming Unit. During his tenure, he accelerated business and product innovation and drove high-velocity growth by effectively aligning these critical functions to deliver customer value.

Esteban's extensive experience includes high-impact roles at industry leaders like Bayer and Climate, as well as at Indigo Ag, a leading agricultural technology startup. At Indigo Ag, he co-led initiatives that redefined the company's go-to-market approach as part of its Strategy and Business Development Team, including introducing the first carbon credit programs at scale in the industry, currently the market leader.

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Esteban is deeply committed to environmental impact. He co-founded Proyecto Minos, an impact investment project dedicated to promoting urban and agricultural ecosystems regeneration, reflecting his dedication to creating positive change in the world, both professionally and personally.

Esteban's educational journey includes an executive education program at Babson College, an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management from Texas A&M University. Currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Lesley, and their daughter, Olivia, Esteban has a diverse set of interests outside of his professional endeavors. He is an avid documentary watcher and biography reader and enjoys indulging his artistic side through painting. Esteban also has a keen interest in architecture, enriching his life and contributing to his well-rounded and fulfilling existence.