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BeCrop® Trials are designed to demonstrate agriculture input performance, measuring the effects of ag inputs on soil biology, illuminating a path from successful product development all the way to commercialization.

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BeCrop® Trials: The manufacturer’s top development and commercialization tool

Input Performance Validation & Recommendation

BeCrop® Trials enable you to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, differentiating your products, streamlining commercialization backed by reliable, data-driven, scientific methodologies.

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Demonstrate Product Performance

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Obtain Scientific Validation
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Gain a Competitive Edge
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Secure Your Market Position
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Strengthen Distributor Network
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Build Customer Trust and Sell More, Faster

From Product Development

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To Commercialization

What Do You Get?

Quantifiable Data and Scientific Expertise

Specialist Support

One-on-one guidance about your results and how you can use them.

BeCrop® Trials Report

Understand how your product impacts the soil microbiome functionality, and how long the effects last.

  • Summary of the most notable effects, trends, and major changes observed
  • Evolution of nutrient pathways
  • Changes in hormone production
  • Stress adaptation, disease risk and biocontrol activity changes

BeCrop® Portal

Deepen your insights via BeCrop® portal tools for side by side comparisons of indexes across parcels, time points and locations. 

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