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Data-driven Soil Management

Enable growers to work with their land to address their soils’ needs while increasing yields and profits. Make evidence-based recommendations by understanding soil microbiome functions and input performance. 

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Detect Disease Risks

Identify early disease risks and soil deficiencies to avert crop loss. Help your clients save money by focusing their prevention and remediation efforts where they are most needed.

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Improve Yield

Understand the role of microbes in soil health, crop performance, and nutrient availability. Help your clients turn low-yield fields into reliable producers.

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Verify Solutions

Measure input effects to help your clients choose the best inputs to optimize farm costs and maximize crop performance.

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The Global Standard in Soil Biology Management and Analysis

Trusted by 2,000 users in 50+ countries and used in more than 188 crop types worldwide. 


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BeCrop® Test is a soil analysis that provides a user-friendly report on soil nutrient cycling, health, and biodiversity as a direct result of management practices, for any crop, on any field, anywhere. You can compare fields, manage client data, and more.

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Join a community of soil health experts with access to a unique, proprietary tool to decode soil functionality. By becoming a BeCrop® Advisor (BCA), you will gain access to free educational materials on soil health and functionality, as well as access to proprietary tools for assessing soil biology and input performance.

Why is soil health the key to farm success?

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