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Studying the effects of the application of a fertilizer in vineyards


A new project in Fields4Ever

A new project participates in Fields4Ever, Renteria Vineyards Management, with the project Renteria Vineyards Management will study the effects of the application of fertilizer in vineyards and they will take action to recover our soil health thank you for the fields4ever initiative.

Project explanation

Samples required and project description

This project is comprised of 18 soil samples, 6 of which have been granted as part of the Fields4Ever Initiative.


In this specific project, Biome Makers will evaluate the effect of BluVite, a vineyard fertilizer exclusively distributed in the USA by Enartis, on the soil microbial biodiversity and functionality.


In this project, the differences between soil microbiome from treated and untreated (control) subzones of two Cabernet Sauvignon blocks will be evaluated. Two replicates will be tested three times: before the application (T0), two weeks after the product application at bud break (T1), and after harvest of the fruit (T2).


  • Analyze the impact of BluVite on the soil microbiome.
  • Analyze the capacity of this product to improve soil health and functionality.

Renteria Vineyards Management is a service company for vineyards and growers located in California, USA. Founded in 1987 with strong family values, which are transmitted to its employees and customers. This has led to having a long list of clients to whom it provides services to improve and maintain their crops. Especially concerned about the health of the soil, they currently look after over 1500 acres of vineyards.

Head of the project

Oscar Renteria


As the CEO of our company, Oscar maintains a hands-on approach to management that reflects the way we work with the vineyards under our care. While he strongly believes in hiring good people and allowing them to do their jobs, he is also vitally interested in every aspect of the business and invests time, energy, and resources in fostering productive communication with our employees as well as our clients. Like his father, Salvador, Oscar is also supremely gifted at making connections – his background, hospitable nature, and ability to forge long-term relationships with people have made him a familiar and highly respected member of the Napa Valley wine community.