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Hild family Farms will study the impact of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in corn and soybean


A new project in fields4ever

A new partner has been joined to fields4ever, hild family farms joins to fields4ever initiative, with the project "Analysis of the impact of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in the soil microbiome of a corn and soybean field" will take action to recover our soil health thank you to fields4ever initiative.

Project explanation

Samples required and project description

The project has been granted with  8 samples. They will be used in corn and soybeans crops.

This project proposal aims to evaluate the general effects of the application of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers at Hild Family Farms on the soil microbiota, namely the specific effects on the microbial community structure and the possible impact on further plant health and nutrition cycles.


a.) Analyze the impact of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on the soil microbiome

b.) Analyze the capacity of these pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to interact with the natural soil microbiome and, thus, to promote soil health and sustainability


It will be use samples in two different fields treatments ( Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers ), and there will be two blocks per treatment (Control and Treated).

Also, the samples will be collected at different time points, before application and two weeks after the application of the products.

Hild family farms

A new partner has been involved in fields4ever initiate, Hild Family Farms, is a farming company located in Central Illinois near Illiopolis. It has several fields where corn and soybean are produced. The principal goal is to produce high-yielding corn and soybeans year after year.

Head of the project

Jim Hild is the manager of the family business.