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Enartis will evaluate the effects of BluVite product on the soil microbiota


A new project in fields4ever

A new partner has joined fields4ever, Enartis, they will take action to recover our soil health thank you to fields4ever initiative.

Enartis is an international network of people that has formed relationships throughout the wine market, which is key to its success and that of its customers. The direct presence in the main winemaking countries over five continents widens the vision of what happens in the market and allows for real-time transfer of information and knowledge to Enartis customers


BluVite, is a vineyard fertilizer exclusively distributed in the USA by Enartis.

BluVite (for white grapes) and BluVite Red (for red grapes) are products intended for all vine varieties and can be applied to adult vines or new plantings. Due to its particular composition and origin, BluVite activates certain biological mechanisms in the soil that reactivate the unique microbiome of the vine. The processes of selection and interaction between the useful microorganisms for the vine and the soil are activated, with evident effects in the growth of secondary roots and strong adaptation to abiotic stresses (i.e. late-season water stress).

Enartis will support DAOU vineyards and Beckstoffer Vineyards, for testing BluVite.


For these projects, the goal is to evaluate the general effects of BluVite product on the soil microbiota, namely the specific effects on the microbial community structure and the possible impact on further plant health and nutrition cycles (soil functionality).

Head of the project

Sustainable Viticulture Specialist

JT Jaeger began his career in the agricultural sector over 10 years ago, shortly after receiving his BS in Genetics at the University of California Davis. He stared his career as a soil microbiologist working in a UC Davis research lab studying soils and its microbiome. This led him to acquire his MS in Soils and Sustainability in 2014 from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, emphasizing the importance of sustainable farming practices in relation to soil physical, chemical, and biological characteristics. Prior to his time at Enartis USA, JT Jaeger had worked for a viticulture consulting firm as a Soil Scientist and Viticulturist, where his passion and commitment to winegrowing and proper soil management allowed him to provide clients with valuable insight and guidance into their vineyards. He consulted on many aspects of viticulture, but specialized in soils evaluation, irrigation management and nutrient management. As the Sustainable Viticulture Specialist at Enartis USA, he is using his past experiences to continue his commitment to winegrowing with the ultimate goal of helping clients produce the best quality wine grapes possible.