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Common Question’s from Ag Input Manufacturers about BeCrop®


Here are some common questions we get from ag input manufacturers about our BeCrop® Technology and BeCrop® Trials solution:

1. What is BeCrop® Technology?

 BeCrop® Technology from Biome Makers is a proprietary DNA-sequencing program that uses the world’s largest taxonomic database of over 10 million microorganisms. Using this information, we create a functional assessment of the soil based on the relations of the microbial community for each specific site and crop. This soil technology can empower farmers, advisors, ag input manufacturers, and retailers to get the latest insights on agronomic decisions like disease risk predictions and assessments on management practices. 

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2. Does your company have a solution for Ag Input Manufacturers?

Yes! We created our BeCrop® Trials solution to give manufacturers the ability to harness the power of the soil microbiome to effectively demonstrate and recommend their products to farmers, as well as differentiate their products from their competitors. BeCrop Trials are a series of agricultural soil testing measuring agricultural ag input performance over a period of time.

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BeCrop® Trials will enable ag input manufacturers to: 

  • Build customer trust
  • Validate products against farmer requirements and the current market 
  • Enable them to strengthen distributor networks
  • Enable them to become market leaders in their specialized products.

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3. Do you only test biologicals?

No! We can test any ag input. Biological, synthetic, mechanical, you name it. We can run a trial on anything that you suspect affects the soil and crops.

4. Can you only test certain crops?

No! All crops are welcome. We have tested over 122 amount of crops in over 40 countries across the globe.

5. I'm Interested! How much does it cost?

BeCrop® Trials is a customized solution. Pricing will depend on the number of sites, treatments, and testing intervals. But an intro call with our specialists and quote is free!

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Have more questions? We are happy to answer them! Contact us, and we can answer any other questions you may have and give you a quick demo of BeCrop® Trials.