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Bugs in Jugs, or a Generational Opportunity?

Emerging Technologies for Ag Input Manufacturers from Development to Commercialization.

Each year, new and advanced technologies are changing the landscape of ag input manufacturing and influencing soil health worldwide.

Biological products, such as biopesticides, biostimulants, and biofertilizers, are entering the agricultural mainstream. As a recent Wall Street Journal article notes, record-high fertilizer prices are driving both investors and farmers to new microbial inputs that are cheaper and environmentally friendly. Several benefits can emerge such as fixing nitrogen, improving yields, influencing soil biodiversity, and sustainable, regenerative farming. This comes in line with recent research and global field trials pointing to proven effectiveness in maintaining field productivity and, ultimately, preserving the producer’s bottom line.

However, even as this emerging set of options surges, various logical and informed questions remain from input manufacturers and growers alike on the feasibility and appropriate application of biological products. Those are precisely the questions this e-book seeks to answer by highlighting exemplary products and services across the life cycle of developing and commercializing a product. The pain points innovative biological manufacturers face occur in three main categories: developing a predictably effective and sustainable product, marketing in the face of a stigma of “snake oil” and differentiating their product to consumers. Additionally, operational aspects like delivery mechanisms and expected yields require clearer communication.

Emerging biological technologies every aginput manufacturer needs to know.  Download the eBook >>

Companies are using biological products and enabling technologies to do their job more effectively, more sustainably, and faster. Manufacturers want to save time and money during the product development lifecycle. Be it in integrated pest management or in microbial discovery platforms for novel biostimulants, biologicals present a key opportunity for input manufacturers to participate in and deliver quality, unique products to their end customers. 

We hope to shed some light on how different companies are supporting ag input manufacturers in research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and sales and marketing.


Free eBook. Emerging biological technologies every aginput manufacturer needs to know.

Please note: Companies featured in this eBook were selected based on expertise in their field and are not partners or affiliates of Biome Makers.