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Beckstoffer will study the effects of BluVite in vineyards


A new project in fields4ever

A new partner has joined fields4ever, Beckstoffer vineyard, through the project Analysis of BluVite using a soil microbiome system in vineyards, they will take action to recover our soil health thank you to fields4ever initiative.


Project explanation

Samples required and project description

The project has been granted with 36 samples to use in vineyards.


This project aims to evaluate the general effects of BluVitea vineyard fertilizer exclusively distributed in the USA by Enartis, on the soil microbiota, namely the specific effects on the microbial community structure and the possible impact on further plant health and nutrition cycles (soil functionality).


For this, three replicates will be tested over three times: flowering (T1), veraison (T2), and before harvest (T3). Using this methodology, a high statistical power (accuracy) of the results will be ensured.


  • Analyze the impact of Enartis Product - BluVite on the soil microbiome.
  • Analyze the capacity of this product to improve soil health and functionality.

Beckstoffer vineyards

Beckstoffer Vineyards is a farming company based out of Napa Valley, California.

Since 1970, Beckstoffer Vineyards has pioneered innovations in drip irrigation, vine spacing, bench graft production, vineyard technology and farming management that have significantly improved wine grape quality. They are committed to sustainable farming.

Head of the project

Clint Nelson

Director of Vineyard Operations

Utilizing his background in research and outreach, Clint supervises canopy management, irrigation and technical viticulture practices at the Red Hills vineyards. With a bachelor’s of science in Biological Sciences and a master’s of science in Viticulture and Enology, Clint brings valuable insight and expertise regarding how cultural practices and irrigation influence grape and wine chemistry. In addition, an avid sports fan, Clint is always up for a lively debate regarding his favorite teams.